Pictures to go with the Iridium satellite postings

Posting pictures over the Iridium satellite connection doesn’t work particularly well, and much of Catalina Island does not have internet connectivity except through satellites – at least I can (sort of) check text-based email over Iridium but nothing else. Nevertheless, pictures were taken! Here are a few pictures that fit with the prior posts.

To the south of Avalon is the east end of the island, and that’s where the large rock quarry is located. The quarry is on a steep hillside with switch back roads that cut up the face. There are four moorings located just offshore, and a pair of big cranes at the water’s edge that must be used for loading materials onto barges.
The rock crushing mill is located mid-face with conveyor belts stretching out left and right. One of the big mining dump trucks arrive above the mill and dumped its load of rocks into the mill from above. In operating it’s noisy, and it was quite a sight to watch huge boulders that somehow fell out of the mill go bounding down the cliff.
Charles’ Dynamique 62 Magick Express at anchor at the outside edge of Cat Harbor. It’s a huge boat, and he’s out and about in Southern California.
Nibs out for his first jaunt in the inflatable dinghy on his way to visit Magick Express. Nibs gets to ride in the cat backpack as this keeps his claws away from the rubber boat. He didn’t seem to mind the ride much.
The view towards the surface from 70′ down in Emerald Bay – the kelp anchors itself to rocks on the sea floor and grows to the surface where it spreads out in a canopy. Exploring a kelp bed is fun, lots of critters hang out within the kelp.
The seaweeds on the rocky floor really come to life when the dive light shines on them. The water was clear and calm – no surge for a change.
The lone star fish I saw during the dive, looks like a Pisaster giganteus. The white spots on the star are spikey and hard – perhaps to make the animal not enticing to eat?
I came across a Whelk crawling along a rock – these snails are carnivorous and crawl around the sea floor looking for dead things to consume. They don’t travel quickly and this one did not mind the light being pointed at it.
Still life with seaweed and strainer. The clump next to the strainer made it all the way inside the wire screen and plugged up the strainer, the long length of seaweed was still stuck inside the intake hose and never made it to the strainer. To clear the hose required removing the hose from the strainer. At least I know the strainer works!
Flat and warm with a light breeze riffling the water during the motor across the pond back to Oxnard. It’s 55 miles and we made good time despite pausing the clear the strainer.
Our pal the Mola mola (Ocean Sunfish) as he hangs out on the surface a few feet away from Beetle. The mouth is very small compared to the size of the fish, and these guys mostly are after jellyfish. Much fun to see one!

– rob

3 responses to “Pictures to go with the Iridium satellite postings

  1. Great pictures. Funny thing about your blog I read it in you voice and it makes me laugh. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Really enjoy your travelogue and the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rock Island Email

    Thanks for the pictures Rob. Fun to see.


    Sent from my iPad


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