Patchy morning fog is here

It’s Sunday morning and the forecast “patchy morning fog” is here with us. Visibility is less than 1/2 mile horizontally though bits of brightness glow through from above. Makes me think the fog isn’t very thick but instead must be right down here on the water.

Had a fun day yesterday, in particular meeting the two ladies on their Catalina 36 up the mooring row from Beetle. Kristen and I were preparing for our dinghy dive and SUP expedition to Doctor’s Cove (all of 1500′ away) when Patti and Susan paddled by in their kayaks. We ended up chit chatting for a good long while and learned of their adventures in life to arriving here on the boat in Emerald Bay. Turned out we were neighbors in Avalon the night before the Santa Ana winds came up, Patti has delivered boats up and down the coast and knows all sorts of people, she’d done the Baja Haha in 2009 – the same year as Beetle. We decided to get together later on for sundowners on their boat.

The dive at Doctor’s wasn’t that good as the visibility was 5-6 feet with lots of suspended sand and particles in the water. I had anchored the boat in a relatively clear patch of sand and that made the kelp far enough away that I could not find it from underwater. Ultimately I cut the dive short after 20 minutes and put the dive gear back into the dinghy. Kristen was paddling around on her SUP and watching the little fishes from the surface.

Back at Beetle I rinsed the dive gear in fresh water and topped up the dive tank so everything would be ready for a mid-morning dive today (Sunday). Kristen made cookies for to eat on the Catalina and off we went to share stories. That was fun, we actually spent several hours talking about boats and trips and equipment and a most pleasant time was had. Then it was 7:30 and quite dark and time to dinghy back to Beetle. Beetle will host another round of visiting today, our feline passengers are of particular interest this time.

The cats have been interesting to watch on the boat. Nibs mostly just curls up and hangs out down below, with occasional trips to the deck to see what’s up – this mostly happens when Kristen departs the boat on her SUP. Numnuts, on the other hand, is often on deck and walking around and checking everything out. He’s entirely thwarted in his attempts to get to shore, but he has worked out that he can walk down the transom and sit on one of the steps and watch the water from there. That gets him two feet closer to shore, but that’s about it. He hasn’t tried swimming yet, so he must not want to hit the beach that bad yet.

All goes well here, a bit of a slow start with the fog, some boat cleanup/organizing to do in preparation for visitors is in store as Beetle mostly looks like a dive shop at the moment. And will get the deck chairs out later on – hopefully the fog will burn off and we’ll have another good day of sun and warm and water!

– rob

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