Skipping Huahine, now headed towards Moorea

Good evening –

Beetle Boat is once again at sea, after a brief stop and exploration of the anchorages (there are two) at Fare, the main town of Huahine. The anchorages are narrow shelfs, with deep water on one side and hard coral reef on the other – the object is to get the anchor to stick on the shelf such that you can’t swing into the reef and hopefully you won’t pull the anchor off the shelf into the deep water where the anchor won’t hold.

The north anchorage (north of the pass as you enter) was more or less filled with boats on moorings, the available spot put the boat quite close to the shelf and the red navigation mark.

The south anchorage had one boat in it and they were anchored in close to the reef – not my idea of a good place to be.

I motored around a bit, drifted a bit, reviewed the literature I have regarding Huahine, and the places to anchor mostly seem to have lots of coral in them. The one place that looked interesting is Avea Bay, that’s a 7.5 mile run down the channel to find out if I like that place and that’s not something I want to take on as the sun is getting close to setting – running around reefs in the dark is not a good idea.

I thought about it for a few minutes, decided that I would be happier offshore than up in against a reef, and with the wonderfully calm conditions we’re experiencing right now it seems like a fine idea to make the 80 mile hop back to Moorea. I’m now motoring along around 5 knots and should have most of the distance covered come morning. It’s very pleasant out here, though I must admit I have not been good at whale spotting – haven’t seen one yet.

So Beetle is off into the evening! Should be a nice run across given how calm the ocean is.

– rob

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