On the way to Huahine

Good morning – it’s Tuesday and I’m up and out of Bora Bora, headed across to the island Huahine. The wind has dropped off to very little and lots of boats are moving around out here – kind of like the stop light has turned green and everybody goes.

Huahine is recommended as a good snorkel spot, a mellow village (Farre), and a nice anchorage in Avea Bay at the south end of the island. I have advice from Eye Candy to use the anchorage on the north side as I enter the pass, and to not use the anchorage to the south as the south side gets a wind vs. current issue that makes the boats lay beam on to either the current or the wind and then you bounce around. So I’ll try out the north anchorage as it should be calmer inside the boat.

Yesterday we had lots of sun and it was a great day for going out to the reef to inspect fishes. I found one of the large puffer fish hiding beneath a large coral formation, and those fish will let you swim right up to them while they stare at you with big wide eyes. After inspecting him for a while I turned and swam to the next coral group and there was a good size octopus holding onto the coral and watching me! – most cool to see an octopus. Turns out it was an Octopus cyanea, a diurnal ocotpus that hunts crabs and fish and most likely other things as well. This guy turns all sorts of colors and patterns very rapidly – he’d go from smooth red to crinkly white and black and then sprout lots of bumps like a coral, then be on the sand and turn white – amazing to watch. The thinking is the octopus uses its eyes a lot (because it is hunting during the day) and continually adjusts its chromatophores to match the background it’s resting on. The one I had was also very curious – the moment I moved out of its sight it would poke its eyes up above the coral to keep watching me. That made it easy to observe it, as it wouldn’t completely hide.

I did a bit of reading about them, and it seems the average octopus is particularly smart – made me think of a bumper sticker: “My octopus is smarter than your dog!” That would work if one had an octopus and a car to put the bumper sticker on, also give people pause for thought.

Now I’m out on the Big Pond, something like 40 miles to go to Huahine, the water maker is running and refilling the thanks, engine turning over and pushing Beetle along smartly. I need to change out the pre-filter again (I suspect the problem is the 20 micron filter, as those filters never had a proper box or cover and probably have dust on them now that has clogged them up, just from sitting in the air). I’ll do that when I’m at anchor tonight, as the water maker is running along just fine now as the filter isn’t completely clogged.

Enjoy the day! I’m going to stay topsides and watch for whales. There are Humpback whales in the area and it sure would be neat to see some.

– rob

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