Monday morning and a pleasant day in the lagoon

It’s a most pleasant Monday morning here in Bora Bora, there is a gentle breeze sweeping in through a gap in the island’s mountainous terrain to the west, not many clouds up above, and very few boats running about so far.  While performing the morning dinghy launch a fellow came by in his brightly colored runabout and waved ‘Good morning!’ – always a nice way to start the day.

Kristen was able to visit for two weeks, a lot of fun, and there is less activity today now that she has returned to her home – though I heard last night that Black Cat was rather glad to see her.

The gang at the shrimp farm, at the head of the bay.  Kim is holding one of the tasty shrimps, Sylvia is contemplating the good taste it will have whe​n grilled up.  Got to have your bags to carry the goodies.

Preparing for a snorkel.  The shirt acts a rash guard from things floating in the water, protects the back from the sun a little, and even helps you retain a small amount of body heat.  The stainless steel swim ladder mounted port side has grab rails port and starboard, which makes using the ladder a lot easier than one might think.

​Kristen on the prowl, heavily armed with camera.  The shallow water snorkeling around the reefs in Moorea and Bora Bora made for good picture opportunities as the sunlight can only penetrate so far before a lot of colors are gone.

A big part of the pleasure of her presence is her interest in doing things off the boat, something I don’t do so much of.  She was helped in this regard with Sylvia (Cinnabar) and Kim (Maluhia) as they went as a team to visit the shrimp farm in Opunohu and acquire shrimp, which can be made up in all sorts of interesting ways.  They also hit the local distillery/jam factory in Cook’s Bay, which manufactures Rotui fruit juices and jams and Manutea fruit spirits.

We also hit the water a lot, snorkeling from the dinghy (maybe daily?), in search of interesting aquatic critters.

​Herding anenome fish is not easy and takes practice.  These little dark guys (and the orange one hiding in the middle) would scoot into the anenome’s tentacles when you got too close, and then turn to stare at you until you had moved off enough to make them feel safe.

​Snorkeling when a passing squall goes by is part of the program.  You’re already wet, what with being in the water, but the rainwater is much colder than the saltwater you’re floating in.

​Hanging out on Cinnabar in the evening and watching the sun set over the ocean’s horizon is a great way to meet people and get to know them.  Here we’re hanging out on Cinnabar, where everyone brought really good munchies.

Plus the evening sundowners gatherings on various boats: Beetle, Cinnabar, Maluhia come to mind.

​Toes up on the hammock rigged on Beetle’s foredeck is as great way to watch the sunset from Bora Bora.

Much fun to have Kristen here, it’s sad to see her go, but she shall return!

– rob


2 responses to “Monday morning and a pleasant day in the lagoon

  1. Beautiful, fun! Thanks for sharing this. — Steve

  2. So FUN hanging with you guys. Hope to see you in the Leewards and Kristen back in the bay area. Gros Bisous!

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