Snorkeling in Bora, enjoying the sunset

It’s been a very pleasant stay so far in Bora Bora, Kristen and I went on a number of snorkel trips on the SE part of the lagoon.  Now that I’ve got the Vini cellular modem working, I can try to put some of the images into this post.  The wonders of Android applications interfacing with images managed through Lightroom on the large laptop, sent to Zenfolio through Vini, and now trying to reference them from within the WordPress Android application.  At least I was able to get the Apple keyboard to work with the Note 2 phone… so lots of wires and charging devices spread about the boat at the moment.

Kristen has flown back to California, and now Beetle is back to one person on board (me).  She definitely enjoyed the water and underwater activities here in Bora Bora.  And her Olympus Tough camera did a great job underwater – most impressive camera.  One fun part of the airport in Bora Bora is the ‘bus terminal’ is in fact a set of docks, complete with specific fingers with signs on them reserving them for specific resorts.  There was room behind one of the gleaming ‘limousines’ to squeeze Beetle’s dinghy in and deposit Kristen and her luggage directly on the dock, a short stroll from the check-in terminal.

Yesterday I made a quick run over to the grocery store, and on the trip back from the airport I had seen the large sign for ‘Super U’ (the big grocery store) on their roof where it faces the water.  It is a long walk from the Vaitape main dock basin to Super U, and it appeared there might be a way to duck in with the dinghy and get close to the shore – turns out there is!  I tied the dinghy off to someone’s fence and walked down a narrow abandoned bit of concrete retaining wall to the road, with the store directly across the road.  15 minutes later I was done with shopping and back on the road to Beetle.

Friday Kristen and I had dinner with Mike and Katy on Pangea; the evening started out as a visit to Bloody Mary’s to take advantage of their two for one happy hour (Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays)… and that segued into dinner for all of us in their very nice restaurant.  Not inexpensive, but very good appetizers and food, mostly fish-oriented (I had sashimi and the Wahoo steak for dinner).  This afternoon I went out with Pangea, this time to snorkel on the coral and see what we could find.  We visited the two sites Kristen and I had found, and then went to a deeper water area recommended by Katy’s kite boarding instructor.  Mike and I each have GoPro cameras with a small underwater housing, so we were trying those out today.  I’ll need to take a look at the footage to see what the camera might have recorded.  I did run across a wonderful large Moray Eel in the deep water snorkel – he was huge, maybe five feet long and was a light brown color.  They look very agressive as they resemble a snake in shape and are curious, will turn watch you as you approach, all the while continuing opening and closing their mouths (which makes them look like a snake preparing to strike).  Turns out the mouth movement is just to keep water pumping over their gills, and they’re not preparing to bite you.  A local guide with a boat load of tourists went down and showed how close you can get to them – he put his hand about ten inches from the Moray and the eel just watched him, backed up, then slowly glided  through the rocks and coral to a new hidey hole.

It’s a beautiful evening tonight, very calm here inside the lagoon.  I’m listening to the radio net while typing this, and boats are moving towards Tonga and Niue, then aiming for New Zealand.  The reception this evening is quite good, the lack of static makes it a pleasaure to listen to the radio (it’s not so much fun when there is big crashing static in the foreground).

Enjoy the evening!

– rob


One response to “Snorkeling in Bora, enjoying the sunset

  1. Rob,
    We have read several of your postings and are enjoying them. These out of Bora Bora are of particular interest. You have a beautiful writing style, drawing a person in and explaining clearly.
    We’re glad you’re enjoying yourself on your travels. You’ve worked hard on your plans and boat to get there.
    Thank you for all your sharing, in vivid descriptions and beautiful photos.
    Enjoy, happy travels. We hope to see you before long, maybe in AZ.
    Best wishes😃,
    Bronwen and Scott

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