Holiday time in the Tuamotus

Given that the Tuamotus are part of French Polynesia, and the French still control Polynesia, then the local Tuamotans get to take advantage of the French holidays – and today is one of them (I think it’s Bastille Day?). Rotoava doesn’t seem to go in much for holiday-making, so it looks about the same here as yesterday, boats are out working the pearl farms, people are driving their scooters and cars up and down the main road, the cruisers are chit-chatting on the radio.

The wind has come up a bit from the East, which is not at all bad when anchored here in front of the church. The wind generator is making good power, there is a bit of wrap-around chop from further south in the lagoon, and folks are out and about. Swell and Naoma just sailed by, they are headed to the North pass and preparing to exit the lagoon and off to somewhere else.

I’m making plans to hop on over to the Society Islands, the next island group in French Polynesia. Tahiti is there, Moorea, Huahine, and Bora Bora (plus others). I’m in no rush and don’t have a particular calendar I have to keep to, so instead will enjoy being here and look for a weather window that should have a nice breeze for that sail – perhaps mid to late next week after the stronger easterly winds back off and the swell drops a bit.

Yesterday was a good day, worked through a bunch of images, went ashore to Stephanie’s and was able to send some out as a web log post (after we rebooted her WiFi router as while everybody was connected to the network (except for me) nobody was seeing any traffic), and the original plan was to try foods at La Paillote for dinner. Dinner plans changed when I talked with Katie G, the Kelly Peterson 46 with Karen & Chuck aboard, they are anchored nearby and we decided to have sundowner beverages and Karen said to also plan on staying for dinner. Had a great time with them on the boat, that’s a nice boat for being out here, lots of room to move around on the center cockpit design. They are from Calgary, Canada and kept the boat at the Sydney Marina in Vancouver, a 9-1/2 hour drive followed by a 1-1/2 hour ferry boat crossing to visit their boat. They are very happy to be out here.

Alpha Marine has completed repairs and rebuild work on the two autopilot drives, which is great news. It will be important to have those drives back on the boat before the eventual trip north towards Hawaii later in the year.

Today’s plan is somewhat similar to yesterday’s, work on images, go ashore to Stephanie’s to do some more research about the Society Islands and Tahiti, and this time I’ll see if La Paillote is open for late afternoon dinner; given it’s a holiday they might close up shop and not be open today. I shall find out.

– rob


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