Thursday morning on the mooring at Fakarava

It’s a fine morning again here in the middle of the Pacific ocean, a couple of squally clouds playing through, tomorrow is a French holiday and I suspect the stores will be closed tomorrow afternoon if not for the entire day. The locals don’t particularly celebrate the French holidays though they do take the day off.

Dinghy is all cleaned out and spruced up. The floor structure is a roll-up aluminum slatted floor that uses rubber end caps to protect the rubber tubes from the aluminum, the end caps are held in place with rivets. Over time the aluminum slats corrode, and the forward slat had lost most of the rivets and the end cap wasn’t staying in particularly well – time to fix. The fix ended up being to trim off a 1/2″ of the slat with the saber saw & metal blade to get back to good metal, then carefully drill four holes for the rivets (without cracking the thin aluminum with the drill bit). That worked, popped in the rivets and reassembled the floor, it looks much better in the front. And all the coral and sand has been removed from the dinghy.

Did some work on photos and spent some time at Stephanie’s using her internet, with Mike & Shelly from Avatar who needed to do their online money management. Aldric mentioned that there is a new submarine fiber cable in the works that should reach from Tahiti to Fakarava, that would be great if it happens. I couldn’t find any information about this other than a request for bids to build and install the cable – that could put a cable four or five years out unless I missed something.

We did check with Stephanie regarding anchoring at the Blue Lagoon, and she double-checked her sources and apparently the area is NOT off limits to anchoring. Aldric pointed out that the UNESCO no-anchoring applies to everybody, locals and visitors – it’s either all boats can anchor or no boats can anchor. Since the tour boat operator we saw over there was anchored, then either he shouldn’t have been there or we were fine to be there. I’m going to go over to the Maris building today and look at their lagoon map that shows the various restrictions on boating activities to see what it has to say about the NW corner of the lagoon. I’ve heard tell of the locals being overly-protective of areas they go take visitors to by telling the cruisers they can’t be there when in fact they can. I imagine this is one way to enhance their tourist/passenger business model.

Evening was pleasant, good conversation on the radio and I spent some more time doing photo management on the laptop. I’m hoping to be able to upload images from Tahiti at some point, and it’s useful to keep sorting through the images and removing the out-of-focus birds and splashes where the jumping fish used to be (those shots lose their interest pretty quickly).

Today I’m doing more photo work, assemble some for upload, walk through town and check the lagoon map, visit Stephanie’s place again for a bit, and the big thing will be stopping at the French restaurant for crepes around sunset. Everyone has told me the crepes are really good, and I haven’t actually eaten ashore at any establishment yet – so this could be a first.

Enjoy the day!

– rob


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