Pictures from Fakarava

Here are some more pictures from Fakarava, sending from Stephanie and Aldric’s place just south of the town.

The purpke/blue sea urchin is large and has very short nubby spines that are not sharp. It was not hanging onto the substrate at all, touching the animal caused it to roll around.

The clans have beautiful blue mantles, and they must have eyes or light sensing organs as the mantle would pull inside if your shadow crossed them. These guys are 6″ to 8″ across and completely embedded in the coral. With the mantle withdrawn it’s easy to see the shell crennalations.

The Blue Lagoon area has lots of plastic washed up on it from within the lagoon. Of all the pearl buoys, four were reusable.

The motu you anchor behind at the Blue Lagoon is tiny and picture-perfect. There is a surrounding reef that extends off to the northwest, to arrive you want to pass the motu on the south side.

The abandoned house on the motu at Hirifa dates to 1879. My guess is the airport might have had something to do with the main town moving from Hirifa and the South Pass up to the northern end of the atoll. The two graves are adjacent to the house.

The palm tree forest floor is not at all a natural environment as all the palm trees were imported and planted for the copra plantations. This is a good place to find coconut crabs.

Liza’s Snack Shack is right on the lagoon, and is reportedly a popular place. I could nit work out being there at the same time she was, so I have not met her. Nice place, though.

And the atoll’s satellite dish located next to the oost office is how everything from here gets to the outside world. The French Polynesia system seems to combine Communications with the Post Office, so it makes sense to have the antenna colicated with the yellow postal building.

– rob

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