Sunday morning in Santa Monica Bay

It’s a pleasant Sunday morning out here just west of the shipping lanes, on the way across Santa Monica Bay, though upon studying the chart is does appear that in fact we are in the Santa Monica Basin and the Bay proper is further inshore.

We were motoring through the night in a light NW breeze, and then at 8:30 this morning the wind filled in from the East – which is precisely the direction we are heading. After bonking a half-dozen wavelets and watching the breeze climb to 15-20 as the morning haze/fog burned off we stopped the engine, rolled out part of the no. 2, and are sailing along comfortably on port tack. Of course at this direction we would miss Los Angeles entirely, so at some point we’ll tack over and head in towards shore, perhaps we’ll make it to the Malibu Pier or thereabouts.

Kristen had lots of porpoises around the boat last night, including groups doing big leaps out of the water – much fun to watch!

Sailing in Southern California is much more mellow that San Francisco Bay – it’s January and not that chilly on deck, the big ocean swell is pretty much gone this far inside Point Arguello (which is now 100 miles to the west), and it’s nice to be on deck even when getting splashed a bit. Two other boats are out here, one a sailboat headed west, and the dive boat Truth went by early this morning on their way out to one of the Channel Island dive sites. I think Jordan and I may have done a dive trip on the boat, and it’s nice to see that they are still operating. That also may be the boat that has the hot tub on deck for soaking in after the dives are done for the day.

Currently Marina del Rey is 21 mile to the NE from Beetle, and I’m going to hold this course for another half hour, then tack over and see where we meet the beach. Buoy reports suggest more wind offshore (where we are) and less wind in shore (where the marina is), so it may be advantageous to flop over, enjoy the sail to the beach, and see what is happening when we get there.

Enjoy the morning, it’s nice one at this end.

– rob


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