Sunday morning – it’s maple bacon and scrambly eggs

Kristen has got the galley stove going gangbusters with bacon, scrambled eggs, and the bacon must have maple in it as the boat is filling up with a nice maple smell. It’s a bright crispy morning outside, we’re on what I hope is our final day at Discover Harbour, and we’ll walk over to Canadian Super Store (not to be confused with Canadian Tire – another giant Kmart kind of place but they also have a car service garage, so I guess they really do install tires) and do the food shop later on this morning.

Weather forecast is for SE 25-35 this afternoon going 10-20 around midnight and going lighter, and then back up to 15-25 Monday afternoon. Looks like the last cold front and associated cloud (and rain) band are going to move through the area today. Current thinking is to hang here for the day, set up the Beetle, then boogity on out Monday morning and be somewhere reasonable to stop by Monday afternoon.

Yesterday was big winds up here, and a fair bit of chatter on the radio as people lost kayaks, lost various dinghies and RIBS, and generally had problems with the seas and chop and wind. Heard one 70 foot power boat calling in to the marina looking for a place to tie up as the captain said, “We’re blown off the water, time to get off the water.” And if you need yellow or blue kayaks, there are more than a few of them floating about up here on their own. The folks that lost them called Comox Coastguard to report the loss, with the idea that the Coastguard would know that a person wasn’t lost with the kayak, just the kayak itself. However, as the kayaks had no individuallly distinguishing features other than, ‘Yellow plastic?’ ‘Yes’ it meant that a kayak found without a person next to it meant a presumed person in the water.

While this was going on the weather cleared a bit in the afternoon, so we went for a walk over to WalMart (there’s a huge WalMart superstore across from Home Depot just up the road) to see if they had The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel available; Kristen had an opportunity to watch part of that film on the Air Canada Rouge flight from SFO to Vancouver, and she thought it would be fun finish it. I checked online and WalMart didn’t actually have a copy in their store but we walked over there anyway as it was sunny (sort of) and not raining. On the shelves we found The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on DVD, so we put that in our basket – but not exactly what we were looking for. Then Kristen spotted a round bin of ‘for sale’ DVDs and we poked about in there… and moments later Kristen pulled out… The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – amazing to find exactly was wanted from a bin of random films. So last night we had movie night and watched the film – lots of fun, I would highly recommend it.

And just now we’ve had our first game of musical slips – turns out the 57′ powerboat behind us last night was here on the guest slip as their regular end-tie was occupied by a transient, and the regular slip boat cut their trip short due to weather; this morning both boats have swapped spaces and we have a new boat tucked in behind Beetle. Unfortunately the new boat, from Anacortes, is hauling out tomorrow to work on engine problems (transmission cooling, burning too much oil) and genset issues (generator died). I don’t know why that would necessitate a haul out, but they have an appointment with the yard in the morning, and we have an appointment with Desolation Sound in the morning.

Time to go shopping!

– rob


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