Saturday night at Preedy Harbour

it’s a super nice evening here in beautiful downtown Preedy Harbour, on the west side of Thetis Island. I had departed Montague intending to run through Porlier Pass on the slack – when I arrived at Porlier and looked out with the binoculars I could see three foot chop, white caps in abundance, and outside a sailboat bashing along to weather with too much jib and main, both sails flogging up top. At that time I was in flat calm water, four knots of breeze, and it was warm. So I elected to open up the guide book and figure out where the good anchorages are around these parts, rather than run through the pass and spend all day bashing up to Pender.

Turns out that Thetis Island is nearby, and has a place called Telegraph Harbour, so I went there. The book indicated this was a super popular place, so I was thinking there might not be much room to swing on the hook. When I got there I was surprised to see a) nobody there, and b) realize that what looks like a large harbor in the drawings is in fact a narrow inlet with two small marinas in it, and there really isn’t enough depth to let Beetle enter. OK, switch over to Plan B: open the guide book, and figure out where one might go if one doesn’t fit into Telegraph Harbour. I find that literally around the rocky reef from Telegraph is Preedy Harbour, which is precisely where I am for the evening. This is a super anchorage, there are five of us here and this place could easily hold 100+ boats, though one does need to leave room for the little BC Ferry to run through to the ferry landing/roadway on one side of the harbor.

After dropping the hook in Preedy I launched the dinghy and went back around to Telegraph to see what’s there, and that’s how I know it’s a narrow shallow inlet set up for boats to come in and spend the night on the dock at one of two marinas – there is no room to anchor in there. I suppose one could anchor in the bowl in front of the ferry landing (there are two ferry landings, one in Preedy, the other around the corner at Telegraph, the same ferry runs between Vancouver Island and stops at one landing, then zips around to the other landing, then heads back to Vancouver), and that looks completely uncomfortable.

It also gets super hot up here in the late afternoon, particularly when there is no wind blowing. So I took a siesta at 5pm and woke up again at 6:15 and the air was much cooler. It’s now 10:30 at night and we’re finally getting down to pleasant temperatures on deck. Somehow this feels more warm than Panamint Valley in May, even though temperatures in Panamint are typically in the 90s and can top 100 degrees that time of year. I believe we had high 70s here, so perhaps it is more the expectation that makes things seem too hot (after all, when going to the canyon next to Death Valley you expect it to be roastingly hot, and somehow it ought not to be so warm in the cold waters of Canada, eh?).

The weather has laid down outside the islands this evening, and the plan is to run through Gabriola Pass tomorrow and continue on towards Pender Harbour. Hopefully that actually works this time!

This note is going out over SSB/Sailmail, and as such no pictures tonight. Given I do not have high voltage power lines running north and south of me, perhaps I can get through to the Friday sailmail station tonight. And the sky was clear tonight, resulting in a fairly mundane sunset – clouds sure help dress up the sunsets for photographic purposes!

– rob


One response to “Saturday night at Preedy Harbour

  1. Hi Rob……I’m glad to see you are back blogging. It’s always fun to hear about your travels. We saw Kristen at Grand last weekend. It was really good to see her and catch up a bit.
    We understand retirement is working out well for you!

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