Friday in False Creek

It’s Friday night in False Creek, and it is definitely quieter than Thursday night given the lack of amplified bands in the adjacent park. The area reminds me of parts of San Diego, what with the many tall glass fancy residential buildings. The air is slightly humid and slightly warm, also much like San Diego, and the people are super friendly.

The dinghy is launched, I did a run around the harbor and found that the wooden boats are all at Granville Island public dock – I was informed they would be there through Sunday – and this made it somewhat difficult to dock with the dinghy as all the dockspace was consumed with absolutely beautiful wooden boats, ranging from rather small to really big. The fire boat also came out again for some practice, or tune up of some sort, as they brought their boat over and fired up the pump and spent 20 minutes or so running the engine at what seemed like full power and threw a lot of water from the two nozzles onboard. It’s a relatively small boat, perhaps 30 feet, and it throws water tremendously far when the big pump is running. I do not know if they have two motors (one to run the pump, the other to run the boat), or if there is a power take-off on a single engine. It was neat to watch them move the boat around and keep the jets landing on a tall cylindrical metal sculpture set in the water. I wonder if they do this every afternoon, sort of to guarantee that the pumps work before manning the boat for the evening.

Otherwise it’s been a quiet day of reading, sorting fasteners from the project bag back into their plastic storage tins, and using the dremel tool and paste to polish more stainless steel – some of the
snapshackles shine at this point.

Tomorrow Kristen arrives at the Vancouver airport and wends her way over here, that should be fun!

– rob


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