Out on the Sea of Cortez

It’s been a super calm morning so far, brilliant sunrise into high wispy clouds, nothing in the anchorage as regards wind. The boat Isa had already departed for Mazatlan at some time during the night – they were gone at 4:30AM when I was up to check on the anchor. Georgia is perhaps 40 miles out in front, and I’ve been talking with sailing vessel Pincoya that is inbound to Espiritu Santo.

In the calm I’ve been powering along at 1850 RPM holding around 6.5 knots, moving along nicely.

We’ve been going through a batch of sea turtles, they are green sea turtles as far as i can tell, of healthy size in the four foot range front to back along the shell. You do have to watch out for them as they appear to be completely asleep, and don’t even budge much when they go by a few feet from the boat. It isn’t until the wake causes them to flip-flop in the water do they seem to poke up their head to see what’s about.

There have also been whales (humpbacks) breaching and doing tail slaps on the water, plus a pod of dolphin went by early on.

Best news is that not 20 minutes after clearing the anchorage, William hooked a dorado, we boated this fish, and shortly afterwrds baked fish came up from the galley. He’s really good on the galley, and knows how to make all kinds of things. He’s reading the Betty Crocker cookbook to try and find new things to do with the fish.

The charging circuit is now working perfectly. I do not know if rerouting the wires away from the heat of the engine box helped, or swapping out the temperature sensor helped, or perhaps a bit of each. Either way, the SAR V3 is holding a perfect float voltage on the bank and letting the alternator kick out just enough power to keep the boat running. This is good, for already-charged batteries.

Today Regardless should also be departing La Paz headed for Mazatlan. And Pincoya called on the VHF to let me know that he now had 7 knots of breeze from the NW. This is probably not enough breeze to want to slow down and sail in, but it will help to cool the boat off. Currently there is 162 miles to go to Mazatlan, and all is well on board.

Los Muertos was a fun anchorage, the best visibility we’ve had so far with 33′ in the water, and I found a pile of shark heads on the bottom right where we had dropped the anchor. So there are definitely hammerhead sharks around these parts, and some other kind of shark that looked a bit like a blue. At least these fish were completely used for food, as opposed to the practice of shark finning that I saw some of the fisherman doing in Turtle Bay.

Upshot is we’re off to chase Ben & Lucie and Charlie the dog on our way across the pond. Forecast is for 11-14 knots of breeze from the NW, which could yield some nice sailing. And Georgia now has sorted out their HF radio enough to broadcast and be heard. They are sending .3KHz off frequency and therefore Lucie sounds a lot like Donald Duck on the radio, and even so is clearly readable. I went off frequency to meet her, and she came back and told me that now I sounded like Donald Duck. Great that her radio is working!

And now it’s off into the morning, I’m going to give Georgia the noon-o’clock call on the VHF to see how things are progressing up their way.

– rob


2 responses to “Out on the Sea of Cortez

  1. A dorado!!! Tom and I are jealous. Good for William. How exciting that you are seeing so much sea life. We hope you enjoy the rest of your trip across the pond.

  2. SSB: are you on Marine frequencies or commercial ? If the later the FCC will send you a questionnaire about being off frequency…if they know your call.

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