Off to Caleta Partida today

The weather here at Espiritu Santo is flat flat flat, with less wind expected later on today and tomorrow.  We also have sun, and the should be a warming trend with temperatures just above 80 during the afternoon.

Yesterday was lots of snorkeling all over the place as Kristen and I bipped about San Gabriel cove in the dinghy and taking turns in the water (which is a bit chilly, keeping the dives at 20-30 minutes each followed by a warm-up in the sun from the dinghy while the other person is in the water).  The dinghy is working out well for that and we’re getting better at getting into the dinghy from the water.

Today Beetle will be departing San Gabriel and moving up to the North end of the island to a cove that is bounded to the north by Isla Partida and from the south by Isla Espiritu Santo.  The cove itself (Caletea Partida) is apparently the remnants of a volcano crater that is (according to the guide book, at least, extinct – let’s hope it remains that way, eh?) that you are anchoring inside of, and offers beaches, snorkeling, and a lot of protection from swells.  It’s not that far to the cove, about 6 miles in a direct line, though we will take a bit longer and motor slowly along in order to get away from the island and spend a couple of hours running the watermaker to put some fresh water back in the tanks.  The sun shower has been receiving a workout, fill in the morning and lay out in the sun while we go snorkeling, then in the afternoon use the now-hot water to rinse off the salt.


Best image so far of the porcupine fish (known locally as balloon fish) that run around the area.  They are pretty cute and let you get quite close to them before skittering off to hide beneath a rock or in the coral formations.

– rob



One response to “Off to Caleta Partida today

  1. Ahoy Beetlers! The weather sounds lovely. So glad you two are having fun enjoying the water and sea creatures. Great pictures on your last few posts. Here there is frost on the rooftops and the outside thermometer reads 35 degrees f!

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