life in a volcano crater is pretty interesting

Well, here we are in a volcano’s crater – we have seen sea turtles floating around (at least one particularly large individual, though it could be more than one), high speed pangas in the dark going to the fish camp on the sand spit that joins the two islands, there are three other boats in here with us. It’s real quiet tonight, and interesting. Lots of cactus in the surrounding rocky walls, and the walls are really tall so you do kind of feel like you’re in a crater. Conveniently the west side of the crater is missing as otherwise Beetle would not have gotten in here.

We are considering staying here tomorrow, or possibly heading up to Islan San Francisco with it’s crescent shaped bay and associated beach. For sure we will go visit the beach here tomorrow (the sand spit) and see what the dozen shacks forming the fish camp are like up close and personal.

Elsewise a nice day on the water, ran the watermaker for 3 hours on the way here from San Gabriel so we have reasonable water on board, Kristen kicked out a killer pasta dinner, and the genset is running a bit just now to keep the batteries up whilst working with all the computers on board.

Enjoy the evening! As a note, we are no longer within cellular tower range, therefore this note is going out via HF radio and SailMail, which translates into text and no images. We are taking pictures, but the bandwidth over HF radio is too slow to really make image sending a reasonable thing to be doing. Hopefully I will add pictures later when higher speed connectivity is available.

– rob & kristen & beetle


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