Tuesday Tooling Down the Coast


Greetings from aboard good ship Beetle! – we are making super time down the coast headed for Santa Barbara (nice marina there complete with adjacent train station that John wants, as he likes trains and will use one to get himself back home).


The trip so far has been uneventful, which is a good thing. We waited for a weather window it looks like we found it. Breeze has been up and down between 2 knots and 15 knots, mostly from behind, with a nice 6 foot NW swell to go with it and that is propelling us along very well. That and the motor, which is chugging along and keeping us moving in the 7 knot range.


Oddly enough, we are within cellular tower range of the coast, which provided my first opportunity to actually pull up the NWS web site and click on the buoys to get their readings (you’re not allowed to do this during races, so this is my first time doing this offshore – very slick!).

Dinner was a frozen lasagna that Jimmy heated up, John did most of the day watch and is now asleep until 10pm, Jimmy has gone on for his watch a couple of minutes ago (8-10pm), and I will be back on at midnight when John comes off watch. I’m actually hoping to be up sooner as we will be making the next big course change to run down to pt. Arguello when we pass Pt. Sur, which is currently 21 miles out in front of us.

Very little traffic to speak of, though AIS shows a fair number of container ships and tankers and tugs and tows about 30 miles to the west – we are staying inshore of the shipping traffic and haven’t really seen much yet.

The moon-set was wonderful, there’s a big planet up there as well (or it could have been Venus, and no, I did not try to raise Venus on the VHF radio this time having learned my lesson in the 1996 SSS TransPac race – that does not work and Venus does not respond).

I hope everyone ashore is having a fine night tonight, we sure are out here. A bit rolly with the quartering swell, but making good time. And we have the third reef tucked into the mainsail to help steady the boat a bit.

– rob/beetle


One response to “Tuesday Tooling Down the Coast

  1. marywallis soetebier

    Enjoying the pictures and commentary. mws

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