Cabo – SD Day 8 AM

Hi All –

We were up bright and early this morning, upped anchor, and are now out on the continental shelf between Isla Cedros and the northern tip of the mainland peninsula that pokes out northwest from Turtle Bay. Weather is beautiful, blue sky with some puffy clouds, 8-10 knots of wind from the North, we’re powering along with the second reef in the main and making 6 knots through the slightly bumpy water. Hopefully the bumps will go down as the day progresses, as the seas are left over from the (now-departed) stronger winds that were blowing out here for the past 3 days.

At 16:12 UTC 15-Nov-2009, we’re at
27.44N x 115.04W, making 5.7 knots on course 308 true.

Harrier is right behind us, he has to get his daughter Lou to the San Diego airport for her Thursday morning flight, and Heavenly Star is off to starboard likewise headed north. Looks like Heavenly Star is going to head up the channel and go east of Cedros, Harrier and I are headed offshore in the direction of Guadalupe Island and anticipating a shift to the east (or north-east) that will help with our westing.

At the current engine RPM of 1800 Beetle has sufficient fuel to motor the entire way to San Diego, and that relatively low RPM keeps the motor happy and is somewhat stingy on fuel. This gives us lots of options and we’re pretty much planning to sail when it’s nice, tool along under power when it’s not, and keep on ambling to Pt. Loma and the channel up to the US Customs office located at the San Diego Police dock at Shelter Island. I’ve not checked in a boat from an international trip before, and I’m interested in what hoops we’ll need to go through to be re-admitted to the US.

The weather outlook is good to light for the next four days, and depending upon the sea state we may be able to make the hop up quickly. On board, Dan is working on editing his trip video on his laptop (he’s kind of perched on the dinette seat, with the laptop balanced on his legs as he stares at the screen intently and is currently working on lining up music to go with the video. Helen is staring aft of the boat at the tuna rig in the water, waiting for a strike, and I’ve been plotting out alternative courses and comparing them with the weather forecasts to come up with a couple of different route possibilities to make best time north.

So have fun this morning, we are at this end. It’s sad to say good bye to Turtle Bay (oh, and the home team lost in yesterday’s baseball game), and it’s great to say hello to another moderate length hop out into the ocean!

– rob


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