Cabo – SD Day 6 in Turtle Bay

Hi All –

Well, last night a most welcome addition appeared in the anchorage – The General is here with his daughter Lou. We chatted this morning on the radio, and he’s here to wait out the weather as well, figuring it was nicer to sit here at anchor than to bang along upwind going slow. So we are in good company, Ken looks great (at 80 years of age I saw him this morning climbing the mast to re-reave a flag halyard).

I’m here at the Veracruz restaurant again, checking the weather forecasts to see if anything changed, and so far little has. Looks like a good out Sunday very early morning reaching WNW towards Guadalupe Island, then turn north to San Diego and motor in. And having Ken here suggests strongly that we made the right decision. Plus, one of Helen’s friends that sails professionally in San Diego spent some time yesterday studying the weather and said we should stay put and depart Sunday – so everybody seems to agree that while we could do the run, we don’t NEED to do the run, so relaxe and enjoy. And that’s what I’ve been working hard to do – relaxe and and enjoy.

Dan and Helen have gone off for a hike, I spent a while reading this morning, and we patched a 1″ tear in the floor of the dinghy this morning (which looked more like an abrasion problem that anything else) that wouldn’t sink the dinghy but did result in wet tennis shoes that have been drying out remarkeably fast in the super dry desert air blowing through the anchorage.

Had a marvelously fun visit with the Mark (Baja surfer dude doing the Baja thing) and Monty (boat owner and dirt biker rider that invited Mark on his trek north) on Monty’s Gemini 30. Turns out that Monty has met a girl and he’s bringing the boat back to San Diego to be with her. Cool stuff.

And now two more boats of people have appeared at Veracruz with their laptops and are busily studying the weather data to determine their departure for points south. Kind of fun! Everybody is solving the same problem, only in different directions.

There’s no particular big plan for today, as we’ve already repaired the dinghy. The General has a friend that owns a restaurant here, and Ken suggests that we all go over there tonight for super excellent shrimp tacos – so I’m quite certain the Beetle Boat gain will join Harrier’s crew for a sit down dinner at Carlos’ restaurant.

On the weather front, the wind has done what was forecast, and heard this morning from a boat 30 miles up the coast (via the Sonrisa SSB net) that they had 20-25 thru the anchorage and were staying put. The clouds have been substantial, the air dry, the traffic on the dusty main road is busy, and it’s nice to be here and not bouncing about the bay to the north. Looks like Saturday will be more of the same and we’ll be buttoning the boat up, preparing for an early AM Sunday out, off to new adventures!

– rob


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