SD – Cabo Day 12 in Cabo San Lucas

Hi All –

Beetle had a ton of fun at Squid Roe last night, and this morning everybody got up and we did the fuel run this morning (17 gallons consumed, not bad at all), and got 10 five gallon drums of distilled water from the local super mercado. The lady at the checkout was amazed when we pointed at the rack of water bottles and said, ‘Diez? Ah, Cinco by two?’ and hold up two fingers while pointing. She refused to believe us – Diez?? Yep, and when the two little kids figured out we really did want that many bottles they leapt into action, grabbed three shopping carts, we loaded up the bottles, opened up the shopping cart gate outside the store entrance and off we marched across town back to the marina. The traffic policeman stopped traffic for us so our little procession could safely cross the road, and off we trundled to the boat.

The kids had a great time sitting on the boat and being fed gummy worms while we poured 50 gallons of water into the tanks. When we were done they took off with the shopping carts and water bottles and ran them back to the mercado.

Being here is a lot like being in the middle of disneyland – we are in a resort-type marina surrounded poverty in the barios that start up a couple of blocks away.

We’re headed off shortly to the Rally beach party, Garrett and Norman stopped by to drop off the autopilot parts (to be installed this evening when it cools off below-decks as the boat is still really hot and humit/sticky despite the sunbrella awning that covers the boat from the mast to the transom), Larry is headed out to a musical gathering later tonight on one of the catamarans, and in general all is well here.

Have a good time today, I think we shall.

– rob


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